Leicester Ionic Liquids Group
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Group Members

Current Group

photo coming soon Prof. Andrew P. Abbott
The Captain
room G19
[+44] (0)116 252 2087
Design, fundamental studies and applications of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents.
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photo coming soon Tariq Abolibda
PhD student since 2011

Processing parameters, chemical and physical properties of thermoplastic starch.
photo coming soon Azeez Al-Barzinjy
PhD student since 2011

Chromium electrodeposition using novel deep eutectic solvents.
photo coming soon Essa Ahmed
PhD student since 2012

Using type III deep eutectic solvents as a lubricant.
photo coming soon Dr. Andrew D. Ballantyne
PostDoc since 2008

room S10
[+44] (0)116 252 3834
Solderable surface finishes in electronics.
photo coming soon Stefan Davis
PhD student since 2012

Development of novel type IV deep eutectic solvents derived from economically and ecologically viable salts.
photo coming soon Gregory Forrest
PhD student since 2010

Precious metal coating using immersion processes in deep eutectic solvents.
photo coming soon Claire Fullarton
PhD student since 2009

Rechargeable zinc batteries based on ionic liquids and conducting polymers.
photo coming soon Dr. Robert Hercules C. Harris
PhD student 2005-2008
PostDoc since 2008

room S05
[+44] (0)116 252 2140
Processing of metals using ionic liquids, industrial applications.
photo coming soon Agab Hewas
PhD student since 2010

Metal ion capture using functionalised conducting polymers.
photo coming soon Hani Ismail
PhD student since 2013

photo coming soon Jamil Juma
PhD student since 2012

Deposition of nickel composite materials for abrasive seals.
photo coming soon Prof. Karl S. Ryder
The other Captain
room S02
[+44] (0)116 252 2088
Physical properties and electrochemistry of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents.
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photo coming soon Saima Saleem
PhD student since 2009
Life cycle investigations of ionic liquids.
photo coming soon Dr. William R. Wise
PostDoc since 2011

room S05
[+44] (0)116 252 2140
Development of carbohydrate based plastics.
photo coming soon Christopher J. Zaleski
PhD student since 2010

Interfacial structure during electrode reactions in deep eutectic solvents.

Honorary Group Member

photo coming soon William the Wasteful Womble
Group mascot since 2009
Ceremonial duties.

Former Group Members

photo coming soon Dr. Hadi M.A. Abood
Honorary Visiting Fellow 2008-2009
Academic Visitor 2010
Novel ionic liquids for the deposition of refractory metals.
photo coming soon Abubakr I. Alhaji
PhD student 2007-2012
Electrodeposition of copper based alloys.
photo coming soon Prof. M. Rostom Ali
Honorary Visiting Fellow 2008-2009
Electrodeposition of aluminium alloys.
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photo coming soon Mohammad Azam
PhD student 2008-2012
Fundamental study of the nucleation and growth of metals in ionic liquids.
photo coming soon John C. Barron
PhD student 2006-2009
Electrodeposition of zinc and zinc alloys from deep eutectic solvents.
photo coming soon Dr. Thomas J. Bell
PhD student 2004-2007
Modification of cellulose using ionic liquids.
photo coming soon Dr. Glen Capper
PostDoc 2001-2006
Metal oxide processing using ionic liquids.
photo coming soon Dr. Jesús P. Conde
PostDoc 2010-2011

Fabrication of bioplastics.
photo coming soon Khalid El Ttaib
PhD student 2007-2011
Electrodeposition of composite materials.
photo coming soon Dr. Gero Frisch
PostDoc 2007-2009
Teaching & Research Fellow 2009-2013

Fundamental study of speciation and reactivity of metal ions in ionic liquids.
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photo coming soon Dr. Manda J. Gibson
PhD student 2003-2006
Biocatalysis in neoteric solvents.
photo coming soon Dr. Jennifer M. Hartley
PhD student 2009-2013

Processing and recycling of p-block elements using ionic liquids.
photo coming soon Ronan J. McHugh
PhD student 2008-2009
Recycling of p-block elements using deep eutectic solvents.
photo coming soon Dr. Katy J. McKenzie
PostDoc 2005-2008
Metal processing using ionic liquids.
photo coming soon Dr. Reena Mistry
PhD student 2005-2008
PostDoc 2008
Properties and applications of gas expanded liquids.
photo coming soon Dr. Mohamoud A. Mohamoud
PostDoc 2007-2009

Electrodeposition of Aluminium.
photo coming soon Dr. Donna Palmer
PhD student 2003-2006
Physical characterisation of concentrated supercritical solutions.
photo coming soon Dr. Emma L. Smith
PhD student 2003-2006
PostDoc 2006-2008
Lecturer 2008-2012
Immersion deposition of metals from ionic liquids.
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